Department of Parliamentary ServicesAnnual Report 2017–18

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Front of Australian Parliament House.


The Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS) is one of four parliamentary departments which together comprise the Parliamentary Service. DPS supports the functions of the Australian Parliament and the work of parliamentarians through the provision of professional services, advice and facilities, the ongoing maintenance of Australian Parliament House (APH) and makes the building, and the important activity that takes place within it, accessible. DPS reports to the Presiding Officers of the Parliament (the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate).


In 2017–18 DPS undertook many activities to support the Australian Parliament.

  • 742,049 visitors were welcomed through the doors.
  • All live video streams of parliamentary proceedings were captioned on the Parliament of Australia website, to improve accessibility.
  • More than 7,500 square metres of carpet were replaced and 55,000 square metres of painting was undertaken.
  • The 2020 ICT support desk responded to 54,541 contacts, comprising 40,019 phone calls and 14,522 emails, self-service requests and walk-ins.
  • 1,478 PCs, laptops and mobile devices were installed or updated across the Parliament, the electorate offices and the parliamentary departments.
  • In May, the 30th anniversary of the official opening of Australian Parliament House was marked with a ceremony on the forecourt.
  • APH Catering and Events outlets sold 287,258 coffees.
  • Parliamentary Security Service (PSS) officers screened more than 10,800 people entering Parliament House on Budget Day 2018.
  • The DPS maintenance help desk responded to 5,040 calls for assistance.
  • The flag on the iconic Parliament House flag mast was changed 11 times.
  • 7,622 tours were conducted for 204,389 participants, including school groups.
  • 88 works of art were acquired for the Parliament House Art Collection.