Tribute to parliamentarians who served in the First World War

11 November 2015

Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Hon Bruce Scott MP, and Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Gavin Marshall, today paid tribute to parliamentarians who served in the First World War, with a launch of a new display and multimedia kiosk to mark Remembrance Day.

The display, titled Commonwealth Parliamentarians who have served in war: the First World War, is accompanied by an interactive multimedia kiosk on parliamentarians who have served. Both initiatives are part of Parliament’s commemoration of the Centenary of ANZAC.

They are also part of Parliament, War and Empire 1914-1918, a four-year project by the Parliamentary Library to mark the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

The interactive kiosk has been jointly developed by the Parliamentary Library and the Parliament House Art Collection for visitors to Australian Parliament House. The kiosk provides biographical information on Senators and Members who have served in the military during conflicts.

The first iteration of the interactive kiosk focuses specifically on parliamentarians who served in the Colonial wars and in the First World War. In early 2016, it will be updated to include service records for parliamentarians who served in the Second World War.

Users can search the kiosk for records of parliamentarians in a number of ways including by name, political party, geographic location, chamber and by conflict.

The Commonwealth Parliamentarians who have served in war: the First World War display has a particular focus on the 16 men who served both in Australia’s Parliament and in its armed forces during the war. The display which runs until 31 January 2016, tells the stories of their diverse backgrounds and their parliamentary and wartime service.

Approximately 300 parliamentarians have served across all conflicts and peacekeeping operations. Over time, their stories of service and sacrifice will be made accessible to all visitors to the building via the interactive kiosk.

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