Australian Parliament House presented with Anzac Centenary Print Portfolio

Joint statement from the President of the Senate, Senator the Hon Stephen Parry and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Hon Tony Smith MP

17 March 2016

The Australian Parliament House was today presented with a set of the ANZAC Centenary Print Portfolio by the Australian War Memorial. The portfolio comprises original contemporary prints by 10 leading artists from Australia and New Zealand and captures artistic responses to the history and legacy of the First World War.

The President of the Senate the Hon Stephen Parry and the Speaker of the House of Representatives the Hon Tony Smith MP accepted the portfolio from the Director of the Australian War Memorial, the Hon Dr Brendan Nelson, with His Excellency, Mr Chris Seed, the New Zealand High Commissioner to Australia in attendance.

Dr Nelson said the Australian War Memorial was honoured to have these significant works of art displayed within the Australian Parliament House for the public to view.

“The Australian War Memorial is proud to be partner with this most esteemed house to display works which depict a monumental period in Australia’s history,” Dr Nelson said.

President Parry praised the role of the Australian War Memorial in commissioning the portfolio.

“I commend the Australian War Memorial on commemorating through this portfolio the contribution and sacrifice of Australia and New Zealand in the First World War.

“It is particularly appropriate that artists from the two countries record their range of artistic responses to the War that helped define the character of both Australia and New Zealand,” said President Parry.

Speaker Smith noted the exemplary standard of the limited edition of 20 portfolios and the role Canberra took in their production.“Each of the artists travelled to Canberra to produce their work at the Megalo Print Studio.

“Seventeen of these editions will be gifted to peer cultural institutions within Australia and around the world including both First World War allied and combatant nations to promote international awareness of the shared ANZAC experience in World War I,’ Speaker Smith said.

The commissioned artists are: Daniel Boyd, Megan Cope, Shane Cotton, Brett Graham, Fiona Jack, Helen Johnson, Mike Parr, John Reynolds, Sangeeta Sandrasegar and Sriwhana Spong. Production of the prints at the Megalo Print Studio was under the guidance of Master Printmaker John Loane. The prints will be on display until 5 June 2016.

Quinton Clements 0435 658 475 (President's Office)
Talitha Try 0419 773 873 (Speaker’s Office)