Water use is a significant environmental aspect of Parliament House operations.

Irrigating the landscape uses the most water consumed at Parliament House. However, during Stage 3 Water Restrictions this usage decreased dramatically. Other main uses of water at Parliament House are the kitchens, bathrooms and air-conditioning systems. 

Information on saving water in the landscape, including drought tolerant grass trials is available here: Landscape trials


Water consumption at Parliament House has reduced over the long term with seasonal weather variations being the primary cause of annual fluctuations due to irrigation requirements. Following the easing of ACT Water Restrictions in 2010, some of the closed water features have been reactivated.   

Performance for past reporting periods is available in the DPS Annual Report.

Objective and Targets

DPS aims to reduce water consumption in the building and the Parliamentary precincts to minimise the impact on the environment, comply with legal obligations and meet community expectations.

Tips on saving water

If you work or are visiting Parliament House, then one way you can help save water at Parliament House is to report any leaks or water wastage you observe (contact DPS Maintenance Help Desk or Visitor Services front desk if you are a visitor).

In locations where these facilities are available, then please:

  • use automatic sensor hand wash basins;
  • choose the half-flush toilet button; and
  • take shorter showers.

ICON Water has a website that details other ways to save water: Saving Water