Sustainable Transport

DPS aims to provide sustainable transport options for anyone travelling to or from Parliament House, and encourage their use.


For information on ACTION bus routes that service Parliament House and the surrounding areas visit the ACTION website

Park n' Ride offers allocated parking spaces around Canberra for people to park their car, then transfer to an ACTION bus to complete their journey.

Information on bus ticketing and fares is available on the ACTION website.


Travelling to work by bicycle is an excellent way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save money and keep healthy.

Bike racks are located in each of the underground car parks. If you are a visitor, then please use the bike racks in the public car park. If you are working at Parliament House, DPS Customer Service can provide you information on change rooms and showers.

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Access Map shows recommended routes for accessing Parliament House by bicycle.

Information on Canberra cycle routes can be found on the Transport Canberra website.

Please remember to dismount your bike as you enter the car parks (the motorised gates are potentially a hazard to cyclists). Additional information on bicycle safety is available through the ACT Government website.

If your trip is too far to ride all the way, or you just don’t feel like riding home, then use the ACTION Bike’n’Ride service which lets you secure your bike at the bus stop before jumping on, or carry your bike on the bus.