About the House Magazine - Issue 42

Issue 42 – August 2011

Tall Timber Tangle article image

Cover Story: Tall Timber tangle

There's a lot at stake in the latest probe into the future of the forestry industry. Read full story.

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Safe choice thumbnail image
Safe choice
Fears and misunderstanding are keeping some Australians from the jobs they are seeking.
A friend in need thumbnail image
A friend in need

In the digital age school librarians are needed as much as ever, but they feel undervalued, professionally isolated and subject to constant pressure to justify their existence, says a House of Representatives committee.

Continental shift thumbnail image
Continental shift

As scientists work to identify the main impacts of climate change on our vast continent, a parliamentary inquiry has been launched into Australia’s biodiversity in a changing climate.

Lecture free zone thumbnail image
Lecture free zone

The ideas and opinions of more than 30,000 young Australians are at the centre of a new parliamentary report into cyber-safety.

Deep impact thumbnail image
Deep impact

Australian companies capitalising on Africa’s mining boom are doing more than just digging.