Parliamentary Budget Office

Why work at the PBO?

Staff tell us they are attracted to the variety, breadth and depth of the work they can do in a small agency. They enjoy the exposure they are able to get – for example staff at all levels have opportunities to work closely with members of the executive, and to work on organisational wide projects, which is not always possible in larger organisations. Staff also tell us that the PBO is genuinely flexible as an employer, and offers high quality, tailored development opportunities for staff at all levels.

The PBO is a small vibrant office of around 44 staff. The PBO commenced operations as an independent institution of the Australian Parliament on 23 July 2012.

The purpose of the PBO is to inform the Parliament by providing independent and non-partisan analysis of the budget cycle, fiscal policy and the financial implication of policy proposals. The PBO deals in facts and objective analysis, and does not take sides in policy debates.

The PBO seeks to help level the political playing field by preparing policy costings and budget analyses for any parliamentarian who requests such services. The PBO also promotes transparency and public understanding of the budget and fiscal policy settings through its self-initiated program of published research.

The PBO offers staff a wide variety of work, to both challenge and develop their skills. The PBO’s mandate spans the entire breadth of the Australian Government’s budget and associated fiscal policies. This means that PBO staff quickly gain exposure to a wide range of fiscal policy issues. In doing this important work, the PBO and its staff are in a unique position to help educate the public and facilitate policy development across the political spectrum.  The PBO is supported by a small but highly capable corporate area, which has responsibility for a wide range of organisational issues.

The PBO has a flexible working environment that provides opportunities for staff to work together collaboratively, across formal organisational boundaries. Internal and external opportunities for learning and development are promoted, including access to studies assistance to undertake training which directly relates to the PBO’s functions and helps staff reach their career development goals.  The PBO is a recognised employer partner with CPA Australia.

PBO staff are engaged under a common law agreements, with employees accruing four weeks of annual leave each year.  Part-time work, home-based work and parental leave are available as part of the flexible working arrangements for PBO employees.

The PBO has competitive remuneration arrangements in place that ensure it can attract and retain appropriately qualified and skilled staff.  Structured increases in salary are in place as part of remuneration arrangements, along with performance based salary increases.

The PBO is located within Australia’s Parliament House, with staff having access to a wide variety of amenities including cafes, on-site childcare, recreational gym facilities, a post office and bank, free and secure car parking, the Parliamentary Library, and peaceful courtyards and gardens.

Secondment program

Thank you for considering applying for a placement in the Parliamentary Budget Office secondment program.

The program is aimed at officers from the Australian Public Service (APS) Level 5 to Executive Level 1 (or equivalent) classifications who have strong quantitative analysis skills and an aptitude for economic and financial modelling across a range of areas.

Placements to the PBO may be for a period of between six to 12 months.

Please begin by downloading the information pack for further information on the program and details on how to apply.

Should you require further information or assistance, please speak with the contact officer.

Graduate program

Parliament of Australia Graduate Program

The PBO offers three to six month placements to graduates who have been accepted into existing Australian Government department and agency graduate programs. The program is designed to give graduates exposure to the PBO's work in supporting the Parliament. The skills and knowledge graduates obtain through the program may assist in building the foundation for career progression and professional development.

Further information about the program is available from the Australian Parliament House Graduate page.

Applications for the 2023 Parliament of Australia Graduate Program are now closed.

Contact details

PO Box 6010
Parliament House

Phone: (02) 6277 9500