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Appendix B – Witnesses

Monday, 29 October 2012 - Canberra

Attorney-General's Department

              Ms Louise Cairns, Principal Legal Officer, Transnational Crime and Treaties Section, International Crime – Policy and Engagement Branch, International Crime Cooperation Division

              Ms Alexandra Taylor, Assistant Secretary, International Crime – Policy and Engagement Branch, International Crime Cooperation Division

Australian Communications and Media Authority

              Mrs Maureen Cahill, General Manager, Communications and Infrastructure Division

              Dr Andrew Kerans, Executive Manager, Spectrum Infrastructure Branch, Communications Infrastructure Division

              Mr Neil Meaney, Manager, International Regulatory Section, Spectrum Infrastructure Branch, Communications Infrastructure Division

Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

              Mr Andrew Hudson, Manager, International Engagement, Directorate of Strategy Engagement and Counter Terrorism, Border Protection Command

              Rear Admiral David Johnston, Commander Border Protection Command (COMBPC), Border Protection Command

Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy

              Dr Jason Ashurst, Director, Radiocommunications Policy, Spectrum, Treaties and Internet Governance Branch, Digital Services Division

              Mr Andrew Maurer, Assistant Secretary, Digital Economy Services Division, Spectrum and Wireless

Department of Defence

              Mr Chris Birrer, Assistant Secretary, Major Powers and Global Interests, International Policy Division

              Mr Patrick Burke, Acting Assistant Secretary, Security Policy & Plans, Defence Security Authority

              Mr Francis Colley, Chief Security Officer, Defence Security Authority

              Mr Kerry Hempenstall, Senior Legal Officer, Directorate of International Government Agreements and Arrangements, Defence Legal

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

              Mr Rob Krauss, Executive Officer, Regional Issues and Defence Strategy Section, Strategic Issues and Intelligence Branch, International Security Division

              Mr David Mason, Executive Director, Treaties Secretariat, International Legal Branch

              Mr Arthur Spyrou, Director, Vietnam, Burma, Laos Section

              Mrs Paula Watt, Director, Counter Terrorism Policy Section, Counter Terrorism Branch, International Security Division


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