House of Representatives Committees

| Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit

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Appendix A – Submissions

1            Professor Kerry Jacobs

2            Australian War Memorial

3            Mr Michael Wunderlich

4            Mr Peter Goon

5            CPA Australia

6            House of Representatives

7            Mr Stephen Bartos

8            Australian National Audit Office

9            Department of Finance and Deregulation

                      Supplementary Submission 9.1

                      Supplementary Submission 9.2

                      Supplementary Submission 9.3

10          UnitingCare Australia

11          Special Broadcasting Service

12          Professorial Fellow Bill Burmester

13          Australian Public Service Commission

14          UnitingCare Australia

15          National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples

16          Senator The Hon Penny Wong, Minister for Finance and Deregulation

17          Australian Public Service Commission


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