House of Representatives Practice (5th Edition)

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Chapter 1: The Parliament and the role of the House HTML
Chapter 2: House, Government and Opposition HTML
Chapter 3: Elections and the electoral system HTML
Chapter 4: Parliament House and access to proceedings HTML
Chapter 5: Members HTML
Chapter 6: The Speaker, Deputy Speakers and officers HTML
Chapter 7: The parliamentary calendar HTML PDF (194 KB)
Chapter 8: Order of business and the sitting day HTML PDF (283 KB)
Chapter 9: Motions HTML PDF (299 KB)
Chapter 10: Legislation HTML PDF (429 KB)
Chapter 11: Financial legislation HTML PDF (158 KB)
Chapter 12: Senate amendments and requests HTML PDF (144 KB)
Chapter 13: Disagreements between the Houses HTML PDF (193 KB)
Chapter 14: Control and conduct of debate HTML PDF (282 KB)
Chapter 15: Questions HTML PDF (189 KB)
Chapter 16: Non-government business HTML PDF (175 KB)
Chapter 17: Documents HTML PDF (221 KB)
Chapter 18: Parliamentary committees HTML PDF (496 KB)
Chapter 19: Parliamentary privilege HTML PDF (301 KB)
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1. Governors-General (updated January 2009) HTML
2. Speakers of the House of Representatives (updated November 2010) HTML
3. Deputy Speakers (updated November 2010) HTML
4. Leaders of the Opposition (updated January 2010) HTML
5. Clerks of the House of Representatives (updated November 2009) HTML
6. Prime Ministers (updated June 2010) HTML
7. Chronological list of Ministries (updated November 2010) HTML
8. Leaders of the House (updated October 2009) HTML PDF (22 KB)
9. Number of Ministers—statutory variations HTML PDF (30 KB)
10. Party affiliations in the House of Representatives (PDF updated November 2010) HTML PDF (143 KB)
11. Electoral divisions—number at general elections (updated July 2010) HTML PDF (49 KB)
12. General elections—significant dates from 19th Parliament– (updated November 2010) HTML PDF (90 KB)
13. Election petitions—House of Representatives (updated May 2011) HTML PDF (110 KB)
14. Referendums to alter the Constitution HTML PDF (49 KB)
15. Chronology of Parliaments (updated November 2010) HTML PDF (184 KB)
16. Sittings of the House (updated January 2011) HTML PDF (72 KB)
17. Consideration of legislation by the House (updated January 2011) HTML PDF (81 KB)
18. Senate requests for amendments to bills (updated May 2011) HTML PDF (397 KB)
19. Bills reserved for the Sovereign’s assent and bills returned by the Governor-General with recommended amendments HTML PDF (32 KB)
20. Statistics on selected House proceedings (updated January 2011) HTML PDF (123 KB)
21. Questions 1963– (updated January 2011) HTML PDF (26 KB)
22. Proportion of House time spent considering certain categories of business 1995– (updated January 2011) HTML PDF (48 KB)
23. Percentage of House time spent on Government Business and Private Members’ Business 1990– (updated January 2011) HTML PDF (25 KB)
24. Committees of the House of Representatives and joint committees (updated May 2011) HTML PDF (195 KB)
25. Matters raised as matters of privilege in the House (updated December 2010) HTML PDF (554 KB)
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Rules for joint sittings   PDF (68 KB)
Parliamentary Privileges Act 1987   (not reproduced)
Parliamentary Precincts Act 1988   (not reproduced)
The Constitution   (not reproduced)
Index   PDF (169 KB)

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