Taxi arrangements

A taxi rank is located in the Forecourt Basement car park, adjacent to the eastern steps from the Forecourt (see map). The rank has a phone allowing free calls to Canberra Cabs and Cabxpress. The relevant phone numbers are shown on a sign above the phone.

Using the taxi rank

Go to the rank in the Forecourt Basement car park and take the first available taxi. If there is not a taxi on the rank, call one of the taxi firms using the free phone. The taxi firm will not accept bookings for the rank but they will advise all taxis that there is a customer waiting at the rank and send a car.

Using the Taxi Phone

The public telephone next to the taxi rank in the Forecourt Basement car park is programmed so that the following numbers can be called free of charge: 

Taxi firm Service Phone no
Canberra Cabs Regular 6126 1630
Canberra Cabs Wheelchair 6125 1596
Silver Service

(managed by Canberra Cabs)

133 100
Cabxpress Regular 6261 6011
Cabxpress Wheelchair 260 6077

The 6126 1630 phone number for Canberra Cabs is automated, so their system will identify where you are without requiring further information. To confirm you want a taxi immediately answer "ready" at the prompt or answer "options" to take you to the standard menu.

A booking receptionist will answer the other listed phone numbers.

Other taxi issues

Taxis may also be booked to pick up on Parliament Drive adjacent to the Ministerial, Senate and House of Representatives wings of the building.

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