Environmental Management Policy


The Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS) is committed to complying with applicable legislative and regulatory requirements in achieving environmental best practice and ecologically sustainable outcomes at Parliament House.

Our Objective

Our key environmental objectives are to ensure environmentally responsible practices are established and maintained through all areas and operations at Parliament House. To achieve this objective DPS will:

  • Operate within the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development
  • Develop environmentally responsible policies, procedures and systems to ensure pollution prevention and minimal environmental impacts
  • Develop and implement measures and adopt technology, where appropriate, to prevent and minimise pollution, and reduce waste, energy and natural resource use.
  • Comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, agreements and other requirements to which the Parliament subscribes
  • require compliance by all of our contractors and suppliers.
  • Systematically manage our activities to achieve and promote continual improvement, by setting environmental objectives and targets and assessing our achievements.
  • Annually review and update this policy, communicate it to all employees and make it available to the public.

Our Management System

We are committed to the ongoing implementation and promotion of an Environmental Management System (EMS) that meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001.

This EMS acts as the driver for continual improvement in environmental performance. We monitor our environmental performance and regularly review environmental management programs and assess whether the objectives and targets are being met and the desired outcomes are being achieved. We report our outcomes to Parliament through the annual reporting process.

The DPS and its employees are committed to improving environmental performance and achieve this through the implementation of this Policy. We encourage all staff to actively pursue environmentally sustainable outcomes, whilst providing services to politicians, staff and visitors.

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