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A compilation of pages providing statistical breakdowns of various activities of the Senate. (Last updated 23 March 2012)  


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Origins and outcomes

Second reading
Committee of the whole
Adoption of committee report

Disagreements between the Houses

Bills negatived

Potential double dissolution triggers
(for the 42nd Parliament - these do not apply for the current Parliament)

Bills referred to committees

Details of consideration by both Houses

Bills exempted from the cut-off

Bills passed

Bills generating lengthy debates

Time spent on the consideration of legislation

Bills considered under a limitation of time

Bills debated for more than 20 hours

Bills currently before the Senate

Private senators' bills from 1901 (PDF file)


Government responses to committee reports

Ministerial statements


 Orders for the production of documents
Orders agreed to
Outstanding from previous parliaments
Orders to statutory agencies or officeholders

Statements and motions

Statements by the President

Censure motions

Condolence motions

Disallowance motions

Principal motions agreed to

Matters of public importance

Urgency motions


Weekly statistical summaries

General statistics




Statistics by Parliament

Attendance of senators
In the chamber
In divisions

Days of meeting
By year
By parliament

Hours of meeting

Business of the Senate

Sitting patterns

A sitting period is defined as a period during which the Senate adjourns for not more than 20 days (standing order 111).

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