Submissions received by the Committee

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1Amnesty International Australia (PDF 101 KB)  7cdadfcd-2504-46f2-9716-1b7e86e73af0~31858
2Law Council of Australia (PDF 295 KB)  a7dc58d1-ec69-405e-bbc4-bc9d43999779~31859
3Department of Immigration and Border Protection (PDF 185 KB)  808b8ba9-5f5a-4d41-bf4b-76228a6d24dc~31860
4Refugee Advice and Casework Service (RACS) (PDF 183 KB)  1b493dc6-a834-45ef-8c26-15e5a3ade11f~31861
5Human Rights Law Centre (PDF 299 KB)  dcaf185e-060e-40c7-a0ea-8d952bd69afe~31862
6Australian Lawyers Alliance (PDF 408 KB)  1e242e1b-69f3-40fc-96ad-5cc5af15b54a~31901
7ACT Refugee Action Committee (PDF 429 KB)  22cef017-7ace-4403-a63c-e406f024e422~31929
8The Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture (PDF 212 KB)  3aefd57e-fedf-4d27-95a1-fe8f011e32fd~32013
9United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (PDF 112 KB)  1d826f24-1c00-419d-a8e0-4aa1548dd467~32103
10Refugee Council of Australia (PDF 308 KB)  c6be0379-eb1c-45a4-afb6-333b9107ec57~32112
11Professor Ben Saul (PDF 174 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 689 KB)  4072fc06-66fd-417c-8ac0-be0101d46591~32233|ed6fdf79-1cc2-4cd2-9d43-fa27fd116ddf~32233
12Immigration Advice and Rights Centre (IARC) (PDF 843 KB)  8b458113-bef4-4773-b324-302397e6f043~32371

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Past Public Hearings

04 Feb 2014: Melbourne, VIC


Inquiry Status

Report tabling 12 February 2014


If you require any special arrangements to enable you to participate in the Committee's inquiry, please contact the Committee Secretariat.

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