House of Representatives Committees

Managing Australia's World Heritage




  1. Mr Ian Dutton
  2. Mr Grant Revell
  3. Mr Michael Byers
  4. NSW Farmers' Association
  5. Dr Ralph Chapman
  6. South Australian Farmers Federation
  7. National Farmers' Federation
  8. Jabiru Town Council
  9. Department of Finance
  10. Eurong Beach Resort
  11. Thoorgine Educational & Culture Centre Aboriginal Corporation
  12. Ms Helen Gee
  13. S. Kidman & Co.
  14. IUCN (The World Conservation Union)
  15. The South Australian Country Women's Association
  16. Mr David Haigh
  17. Fraser Island Association Inc.
  18. Department of Defence
  19. Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union
  20. The National Council of Women of Tasmania
  21. Tasmanian Conservation Trust and the Wilderness Society (Tasmania) Inc.
  22. The Pastoralists & Graziers Association of Western Australia
  23. Willandra Landholders Protection Group
  24. Dr Dermot Smyth
  25. Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area Consultative Committee
  26. United Graziers' Association of Queensland
  27. Mr Hugh McColl
  28. Australian Mining Industry Council (now Minerals Council of Australia)
  29. Mr Peter Valentine
  30. Fitzgerald Biosphere Project Inc.
  31. Chamber of Mines, Metals & Extractive Industries (NSW)
  32. Australian Heritage Commission
  33. Conservation Commission of the Northern Territory
  34. Friends of the Lake Eyre Basin Group
  35. Australian Conservation Foundation
  36. Blue Mountains Bush Fire Service Group Officers
  37. Australian Nature Conservation Agency
  38. Australia ICOMOS Incorporated
  39. Withdrawn
  40. Environmental Lawyers Group of the Cairns Community Legal Centre
  41. Lord of Kakadu Tours
  42. Association of Mining and Exploration Companies
  43. Cathedral Beach Resort and Camping Park
  44. Fraser Island Defenders Organization
  45. North Queensland Conservation Council
  46. The Fraser Island Association Inc
  47. The Lake Eyre Catchment Protection Group
  48. National Trust of Australia (Victoria)
  49. Professor Trevor Atherton
  50. Uniting Church in Australia
  51. Conservation Council of Western Australia
  52. Australian Council of National Trusts
  53. Cairns and Far North Environment Centre Inc
  54. Tallaganda Shire Council
  55. Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland
  56. Western Australian Government, Department of Conservation and Land Management
  57. National Parks Association of NSW Inc.
  58. Victorian Government
  59. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
  60. South Australian Government
  61. Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW
  62. Department of the Environment, Sport and Territories
  63. Tasmanian Government
  64. Western Australian Fishing Industry Council
  65. Ms Helen Gee
    (Supplementary Submission)
  66. New South Wales Government
  67. Western Australian Government, Western Australian Fisheries Department
  68. Department of Tourism (now Department of Industry, Science and Tourism)
  69. Geco-Prakla (Australia) Pty Ltd
  70. Professor Mike Archer
  71. Conservation Council of Western Australia
    (Supplementary Submission)
  72. Mr P H C Lucas
  73. Tourism Council Australia
  74. Queensland Government
  75. Inbound Tourism Organisation of Australia Ltd
  76. Ms Penelope Blyth
  77. Wet Tropics Management Authority
  78. Department of the Environment, Sport and Territories
    World Heritage and Biodiversity Branch
    (Supplementary Submission)
  79. Australian Conservation Foundation
    (Supplementary Submission)
  80. Fraser Island Association Inc.
    (Supplementary Submission)
  81. Lord of Kakadu Tours
    (Supplementary Submission)
  82. Mr Hugh McColl
    (Supplementary Submission)
  83. World Wide Fund for Nature Australia
  84. Alliance for Sustainable Tourism
  85. Far North Queensland Promotion Bureau Ltd
  86. National Parks Association of NSW Inc.
    (Supplementary Submission)
  87. New South Wales Government, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
    (Supplementary Submission)
  88. Tourism Council Australia
    (Supplementary Submission)
  89. The National Council of Women of Tasmania
    (Supplementary Submission)
  90. Australian Nature Conservation Agency
    (Supplementary Submission)
  91. Department of the Environment, Sport and Territories
    (Supplementary Submission)


Exhibit No. 1
Document entitled 'Fisheries Portfolio Review Implementation: Information Kit', presented by the Western Australian Fisheries Department, Perth, 13 July 1995.
Exhibit No. 2
Document entitled 'NSW Government funding of World Heritage areas', presented by the New South Wales Government, Sydney, 1 November 1995.
Exhibit No. 3
Newsletter entitled 'FIDO Moonbi 87', June 1995, presented by John Sinclair, Fraser Island Defenders Organization, Sydney, 1 November 1995.
Exhibit No. 4
Document entitled 'Survey: The Environment and Australia's Tourism Industry', presented by the Tourism Council Australia, Canberra, 27 November 1995.


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