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Appendix A – Submissions

1              Name Withheld

2              Griffith University

3              Australian National University

4              Mr Cameron Sinclair

5              Group of Eight

6              Universities Australia

7              Ms Alyson Richards

8              Dr Michael Ayling

9              Ms Arabella Haddon-Casey

10            National Tertiary Education Union

11            Australian and New Zealand Student Services Association Inc (ANZSSA)

12            Australian University of Sport and Australasian Campus Union Managers’ Association

13            Australian Technology Network

14            Southern Cross University

15            University of Melbourne

16            University of South Australia

17            ARC UNSW Student Life

18            University of Sydney

19            University of Tasmania

20            LaTrobe University

21            UQ Union

22            Mr Morgan Forrest

23            Council of Australia Postgraduate Associations Incorporated (CAPA)

24            LaTrobe University Guild

25            Students' Representative Council, University of Sydney

26            Australian Liberal Students' Federation

27            QUT Student Guild

28            University of Western Australia

29            National Union of Students

30            Melbourne University Liberal Club

31            SUPRA: Students working for students

32            Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

33            Deakin University

34            University of Southern Queensland

35            Australian Olympic Committee

36            The University of Western Sydney

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