Papers on Parliament No. 53
June 2010


Harry Evans was Clerk of the Senate from 1988 until 2009.

Jonathan Pincus is Visiting Professor of Economics at the University of Adelaide.

John Keane is Professor of Politics at the University of Westminster and the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin (WZB) and founder of the Centre for the Study of Democracy.

David Day is an Honorary Associate at La Trobe University and a visiting professor at the University of Aberdeen. His biography of Australian prime minister Andrew Fisher was published in 2008.

Yvonne Galligan is the founding Director of the Centre for the Advancement of Women in Politics, Director of Research (Governance and Public Policy) and Director of the University's Gender Initiative at Queen's University, Belfast.

John Hawkins is the Secretary of the Senate Standing Committee on Economics.

Stanley Bach is a former official of the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress in Washington and an occasional participant in parliamentary strengthening programs elsewhere.

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