Can Responsible Government Survive In Australia?

David Hamer

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Can responsible Government survive in Australia? is a unique repository of information about the powers and procedures of twenty legislatures in Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. No other book contains such a detailed and systematic comparative analysis of the way these Commonwealth parliaments carry out their responsibilities.

David Hamer writes from a practitioner’s perspective, having served as a member of both the Australian Senate and House of Representatives. Parliamentarians, parliamentary officers and scholars will find this edition, updated to 2002, as invaluable as the first edition published in 1994.

Topics covered include: the role and powers of upper and lower houses and heads of state; accountability and responsible government; parliamentary committees; the legislative process and the scrutiny of delegated legislation; conflicts between the houses; voting and electoral systems.

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First published 1994 by the Centre for Research in Public Sector Management, University of Canberra

This edition, revised by the author in 2001, published 2004

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Hamer, David
Can responsible government survive in Australia?

ISBN 0 642 71433 9

1. Parliamentary practice-Australia.
2. Representative government and representation-Australia.
3. Australia-Politics and government.
4. Canada-Politics and government.
5. Great Britain-Politics and government.
6. New Zealand-Politics and government.

I. Australia. Parliament. Dept. of the Senate.
II. Title.


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