Senate research papers

Articles, addresses and other publications by current and former Senate staff.


Glenn Ryall, Commonwealth Executive Power and Accountability Following Williams (No. 2) (PDF 187KB)


Glenn Ryall, Williams v. Commonwealth—A Turning Point for Parliamentary Accountability and Federalism in Australia? (PDF 138KB)

Senate Actions upon the Deaths of Prime Ministers of Australia (PDF 44KB)


Paula Waring, ‘Is it futile to petition the Australian Senate?’ (PDF 187KB)


Paula Waring, 'This is a Procedure on Which We Should Not Lightly Embark': Orders for the Production of Documents in the Australian Senate, 1901 to 1988 (PDF 471KB)

Bill Bannear, Curbing the Grand Inquest: Legislature v. Executive in the United States and Australia (PDF 348KB)


Annemieke Jongsma, Swearing-in of Senators and Members Outside of General Elections (PDF 40KB)


Rosemary Laing, The Senate Committee System: Historical Perspectives (PDF 224KB)

John Hawkins, Two Global Crises, Two Senate Committees (PDF 118KB)


Richard Grant, Can We Account for Parliamentary Committees? A Survey of Committee Secretaries (PDF 1171KB)

Ian Holland, Senate Committees and the Legislative Process (PDF 1137KB)

Jackie Morris and Sophie Power, Factors that Affect Participation in Senate Committee Inquiries (PDF 1188KB)


Papers by former Clerk of the Senate, Harry Evans

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