Senate Occasional Lecture Series transcripts - 2006

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N.B. The following are the original transcripts provided by the lecturers. They have not been edited in anyway.

Date Presenter Title Transcript
08/12/06 Dr Meg Russell Reforming the British House of Lords: How a Little Reform can go a Long Way (PDF 107KB)
17/11/06 Dr Simon Evans Australian Parliaments and the Protection of Human Rights (PDF 292KB)
29/09/06 Marian Sawer Red, White and Blue, What Do They Mean to You? The Significance of Political Colours (PDF 97KB)
25/08/06 Paul Strangio Incumbency Dominance: An Unhealthy Trend? (PDF 85KB)
07/07/06 George Williams Victoria's Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities: Lessons for the National Debate (PDF 72KB)
09/06/06 Alan Moir So, What is this Thing Called Political Cartooning? (PDF 1838KB)
05/05/06 John Warhurst Religion in 21st Century Australian National Politics (PDF 92KB)
31/03/06 Campbell Sharman Citizens’ Assemblies and Parliamentary Reform in Canada (PDF 83KB)
24/02/06 Dr Scott Prasser

Providing Advice to Government

(PDF 330KB)
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