A two-day conference held at Parliament House, Canberra on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th October 2008

This international conference investigated trends in bicameralism in Australia and related these trends to international developments in bicameral parliamentary systems.

Speakers included distinguished international and Australian academics and past and present members of Australian and State parliaments.

This conference was part of the three year research project ‘Strengthening Parliamentary Institutions’ involving the Parliamentary Studies Centre at the ANU and the Departments of the Senate and the House of Representatives in the Australian Parliament, and sponsored by the Australian Research Council.

Download the flyer (PDF 1.43MB).

Main Committee Room, Parliament House, Canberra

Thursday 9 October: Australian Developments

8.45am-9.15am Opening Session (MP3 67153KB)
‘The Senate: Blessing or Bane?’
Senator the Hon John Faulkner, Special Minister for State, Cabinet Secretary, and Vice-President of the Executive Council
Chair: Professor John Uhr

9.15am-10.30am ‘Looking Forward: Priorities for Australian Bicameralism’
Three political party representatives: former Senator Andrew Murray; Senator Marise Payne; Dr Deb Foskey, MLA ACT Greens. (MP3 67520KB)
Chair: Mr Harry Evans, Clerk of the Senate

Morning tea

11.00am-12.30pm ‘Takes Two to Tango’
Perspectives on Bicameral Relationships, in Canberra and Beyond:
Senator Louise Pratt, former MP and Senator Michael Baume, Mr Harry Evans, Clerk of the Senate (MP3 71424KB)
Chair: Dr Stan Bach (USA)

Lunch break

1.30pm-3.00pm ‘State Innovations in Bicameralism’ (MP3 68165KB)
Panel of parliamentary officials and academics:
Peter McHugh, Clerk of the WA Legislative Assembly; Lynn Lovelock, Clerk of the NSW Legislative Council; Professor Brian Costar, Swinburne University. (MP3 69764KB)
Chair: Dr Bruce Stone, UWA

Afternoon tea

3.30pm-5.00pm ‘Australia and the Asia Pacific Region’
Institutions and Innovations in and around Australia:
Professor Richard Herr, University of Tasmania (MP3 69814KB)
Dr Stephen Sherlock, political development consultant, Indonesia
Chair: Professor John Uhr

Friday 10 October: International Developments

8.30am-9.15am Opening Keynote Speaker: (MP3 68894KB)
‘Ten Things You Should Know about Contemporary Bicameralism’
Professor Anthony Mughan
Co-editor, ‘Senates: Bicameralism in the Contemporary World’ (1999)
Director, International Studies,
Ohio State University, USA
Chair: Professor John Uhr

‘US Bicameralism in Theory and Practice’
Dr Stan Bach (USA); Professor John Owens (Westminster University) (MP3 69750KB)
Chair: Dr Phil Larkin, ANU

Morning tea

‘European Arrangements, Old and New: UK and Italy’ (MP3 73791KB)
Dr Meg Russell (University College London); Dr Riccardo Pelizzo (Griffith University, Australia)
Chair: Ms Maureen Weeks, Clerk Assistant (Table), Department of the Senate

Lunch break

‘Bicameralism and Representation: Canadian Perspectives’ (MP3 74999KB)
Prof Janet Hiebert (Queens University, Canada); Prof Campbell Sharman (UBC, Canada)
Chair: Dr Rosemary Laing, Deputy Clerk of the Senate

Afternoon tea

‘Asian Innovations: India and Japan’ (MP3 71094KB)
Dr Ashok Acharya (U Delhi); Dr Yusaku Horiuchi (Crawford School, ANU) (MP3 51041KB)
Chair: Professor John Uhr

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