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Odgers' Australian Senate Practice Thirteenth Edition

Chapter 14 - Committee of the whole proceedings

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Report of committee

When a committee of the whole has considered and made decisions on matters referred to it, the committee reports to the Senate; that is, the President resumes the chair, the Senate resumes, and the Chair of Committees reports what the committee has done.[21]

The report of a committee is, in effect, a recommendation to the Senate as to the action the Senate should take in relation to a matter. The Senate may endorse the report of a committee, by a resolution that the report of the committee be adopted, and decisions of the committee then become the decisions of the Senate. The Senate may disagree with the decisions of a committee, or may agree to such decisions with amendments. It may refer the matters under consideration back to the committee of the whole for further consideration, or it may avoid coming to a decision on the report of a committee by postponing consideration of it.[22]

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22. SO 148(3). For the recommittal of bills see Chapter 12, Legislation, under Recommittal on report and Third reading.