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Odgers' Australian Senate Practice Thirteenth Edition

Chapter 14 - Committee of the whole proceedings

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When the Senate wishes to consider a matter, or a set of related matters, in detail, with unlimited opportunities for senators to speak and move amendments, it resolves itself into a committee of the whole, that is, a committee of which all senators are members, and which meets in the Senate chamber.

Committee of the whole proceedings are used to consider bills, and other matters may also be considered in committee of the whole if they require or lend themselves to committee of the whole treatment. The consideration of bills in committee of the whole is dealt with in Chapter 12, Legislation, and Chapter 13, Financial Legislation. This chapter relates to committee of the whole proceedings generally and their application to matters other than bills.

Appointment of committee

Chair of Committees

Proceedings in committee


Debate in committee

Report of committee

Reporting progress

Interruption of committee

Instructions to committees

Matters of privilege