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Odgers' Australian Senate Practice Thirteenth Edition

Chapter 8 - Conduct of proceedings

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Items of business taken together

By special order of the Senate items of business may be taken together. Usually such an order provides for the items to be considered together but for the questions in relation to them to be put separately.[64] This procedure of ordering items to be taken together is to be distinguished from the procedure known as a cognate debate, whereby separate items of business remain as separate items but by leave are debated together when one of them is before the Senate.[65]

64. For examples see 14/4/1988, J.628; 19/10/1988, J.1031; 23/11/1988, J.1143, 1144; 13/6/1989, J.1862; 29/8/2000, J.3139-40; 27/11/2000; J.3573.
65. 19/5/1988, J.727; 26/5/1988, J.765; 23/11/1988, J.1146. For the procedures for taking bills together, see Chapter 12, Legislation, under Initiation.