Odgers' Australian Senate Practice Thirteenth Edition

Chapter 5 - Officers of the Senate: parliamentary administration

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Other Departments

There are three other parliamentary departments:

  • Department of the House of Representatives, which provides procedural, information and advisory services for members of the House of Representatives.
  • Department of Parliamentary Services, a joint department which provides services used in common by members of both Houses:
  • library, reference and research services to senators and members
  • transcripts of proceedings of both Houses and their committees, information systems support to senators, members and the parliamentary departments, and audio and video monitoring of the proceedings of both Houses and their committees
  • building management, maintenance and catering functions associated with Parliament House.
  • Department of the Parliamentary Budget Office (known as the Parliamentary Budget Office), a joint service established by the Parliamentary Service Amendment (Parliamentary Budget Officer) Act 2011, headed by the Parliamentary Budget Officer who is responsible for delivering a range of economic analysis, including costing of policies, to members of parliament.


An independent position of Parliamentary Librarian is established within the Department of Parliamentary Services.

The Department of the House of Representatives is administered by the Speaker of that House. The joint department is administered by the President and the Speaker jointly, as is the Parliamentary Budget Office.

For the amalgamation of three joint departments into one in 2003, see the 39th and 40th reports of the Appropriations and Staffing Committee.

For control of Parliament House and the parliamentary precincts, see Chapter 2, Parliamentary Privilege, under Parliamentary precincts.