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Odgers' Australian Senate Practice Thirteenth Edition

Chapter 4 - Elections for the Senate

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Electoral rolls

Under changes introduced in the 2007 election, claims for enrolment or transfer of enrolment could not be considered if lodged after 8 pm on the date of issue of the writs, and the rolls closed on the third working day after the writs were issued. These provisions were ruled invalid by the High Court in Rowe v Electoral Commissioner (2010) 243 CLR 1 and replacement legislation providing for the rolls to close seven days after the date of the writs was enacted in 2011.[15] A claim for enrolment or transfer of enrolment received between the close of rolls and polling day, and that was delayed in the post by an industrial dispute, is regarded as having been received before the rolls closed.

15. Electoral and Referendum Amendment (Enrolment and Prisoner Voting) Act 2011.