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Odgers' Australian Senate Practice Thirteenth Edition

Chapter 3 - Publication of Senate proceedings

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Other publications

Other documents are produced to report proceedings in the Senate and to inform senators and others of particular matters dealt with during proceedings. Those documents include:

Order of Business (colloquially known as the Senate “Red” after a red flash on the front page), issued each sitting day; sets out the business expected to be considered on that day

Dynamic Red, produced electronically each sitting day and constantly updated to record business transacted by the Senate as it occurs, with links to relevant documents

Senate Daily Summary, produced after each sitting day and recording all significant transactions in the Senate, including committee reports tabled

Business of the Senate, published twice a year and cumulated annually; contains statistical and other data summarising the work of the Senate

Work of Committees, a twice-yearly and cumulative account of the activities of Senate committees, with statistical data

Bills List, published fortnightly after sitting periods; lists all bills currently before the Parliament and summarises the purpose of the bills, the numbers and outcomes of amendments proposed to the bills, the stage reached in their consideration, assent dates and statute numbers

Delegated Legislation Monitor, updated during sittings; summarises the effects of the instruments of delegated legislation tabled during the sitting week and notes the dates the instruments were tabled and made; supplemented by Disallowance Alert (daily) and Scrutiny of Disallowable Instruments (weekly in sittings) giving information on disallowance actions in the Senate and matters raised by the Regulations and Ordinances Committee (see Chapter 15, Delegated Legislation and Disallowance)

Questions on Notice Summary, tabled at the beginning of the autumn and spring sitting periods; lists questions which are asked (by number only), the dates they were asked and answered and relevant references in Hansard

Scrutiny of Bills Alert Digest, tabled each sitting week; summarises the bills considered by the Scrutiny of Bills Committee that week and draws attention to provisions which the committee considers may contravene the principles contained in its terms of reference; the committee follows up in its reports on matters raised in the digests.