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Odgers' Australian Senate Practice Thirteenth Edition

Chapter 3 - Publication of Senate proceedings

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As noted in Chapter 1, the Australian Parliament does not possess sovereign powers; it is subject to the Constitution, which only the people can change, so that sovereignty is in fact as well as technically vested in the people.

It is in accordance with this constitutional relationship that the procedures of the Senate are designed to ensure that its operations are communicated to the public to the maximum extent possible. Also, many activities of the Senate, such as committee hearings, are designed to inform the public as much as the Senate, and have their influence through their impact on public opinion as well as on the decisions of the legislators.

Proceedings public

Reporting of proceedings

Broadcasting of proceedings

Broadcasting and privilege

Journals of the Senate

Notice Paper


Committee proceedings

Other publications

Internet publication

First page, Journals of the Senate - No. 24 - 21 March 2011

First page, Senate Notice Paper - No. 22 - 3 March 2011