School education: a quick guide to key internet links

1 November 2013

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Marilyn Harrington
Social Policy

This Quick Guide provides links to:

Note: administrative arrangements announced on 18 September 2013 have altered departmental responsibility for school education. Therefore, links to Australian Government websites listed below may change as new arrangements take effect.

Policy and administrative framework for school education

Information about schools

  • School term dates
  • The My School website, managed by ACARA, provides information about all schools in Australia, and includes key statistical data, financial information and school-wide National Assessment Program (literacy and numeracy) results.
  • M Harrington, Schools by Commonwealth Electoral Division, 2012, Parliamentary Library, Canberra, 2013. The information for individual schools includes school name, location and school type. For non-government schools, campus information, affiliation and Commonwealth funding arrangements under the socioeconomic status (SES) system are also provided. The website includes a list of school enrolments by electorate.

School funding

Australian Government funding for schools pre-2014

Government funding for schools from 2014

  • From 2014, Australian and state and territory government funding for government and non-government schools will be provided according to the terms of the COAG National Education Reform Agreement (the NERA). At the time of writing, the Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australian governments are ‘non-participating’ education systems. (Note: non-government schools and school systems are not required to sign the NERA.)
  • Australian Government funding for NERA-participating government education systems, non-government education systems and schools and non-participating government education systems will be provided under the Australian Education Act 2013 and the Australian Education Regulation 2013.
  • M Harrington, Funding the National Plan for School Improvement: an explanation, Background note, Parliamentary Library, Canberra, 26 June 2013. Provides a detailed explanation of the National Plan for School Improvement as it was called at the time of writing.


Student achievement statistics

Other international statistics

Indigenous education

Australian organisations

The following are some educational organisations that represent the interests of school education stakeholders and/or undertake research relating to school education. The Australasian Education Directory provides a comprehensive listing of educational organisations.

International organisations and overseas education departments

International organisations

Overseas education departments

State and territory government websites

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

New South Wales (NSW)

Northern Territory (NT)


South Australia (SA)



Western Australia (WA)

For copyright reasons some linked items are only available to members of Parliament. 

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