Research Papers 1994-95

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Title   Number Date
The Role of Monetary Policy in Australia. Peter Stemp [PDF 4388KB] 33 30.06.1995
'Yours, mine or ours?' Is there a case for directed superannuation investment? [PDF 9474KB]   32 26.06.1995
A spirit of progress? assessing Australian rail transport policy [PDF 5371KB]   31 19.06.1995
Murray-Darling Basin: ecologically sustainable irrigation? [PDF 5244KB]   30 15.06.1995
Beyond the Soviet Union: 2. In the bear's backyard: profiles of eleven new independent Eurasian states [PDF 12398KB]   29 7.06.1995
Beyond the Soviet Union: 1. Eurasia in transition: internal change and international interests. John Gardiner-Garden [PDF 5296KB 28 7.06.1995
Terrorism in the nineties: issues and problems. Gary Brown. 27/1994/95, 8 June 1995. (12p). [PDF 2180KB 27 8.06.1995
Australian biodiversity under threat. Robert Boden [PDF 5798KB 26 29.05.1995
Boat people from China and China's one child policy [PDF 1515KB] 25 2.06.1995
Compulsory voting [PDF 3059KB] 24 5.04.1995
Engineering effective innovation to Asia [PDF 10014KB 23 29.03.1995
Landcare and the mythical money tree. Baden Williams [PDF 6018KB] 22 17.03.1995
Election funding disclosure and Australian politics: debunking some myths [PDF 2552KB]  21 29.03.1995
Crunch time for the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty [PDF 4933KB 20 24.03.1995
Defending Australia: issues in Australia's post-Cold War defence policy [PDF 1886KB 19 8.03.1995
The Hawke and Keating departmental machinery of government changes: patterns and prospects [PDF 2304KB] 18 28.02.1995
China in transition: the politics of economic reform and political succession. Brian Martin [PDF 8298KB] 17  8.02.1995
Affordable self-reliance? Past patterns in defence finance & prospects after the 1994 White Paper PDF 6118KB] 16 7.12.1994
A critical analysis of the World Bank [PDF 8268KB 15 6.12.1994
Infrastructure funding in Australia. Julie Smith [PDF 9465KB 14  19.10.1994
Global population movements, temporary movements in the Asia-Pacific region and Australia's immigration program [PDF 1397KB] 13 10.10.1994
Rail and urban public transport: Commonwealth funding and policy issues [PDF 5567KB]   12 23.08.1994
Growing research links between industry and higher education [PDF 5746KB 11 29.07.1994
Income splitting [PDF 4228KB 10 20.07.1994
Hong Kong in transition [PDF 9465KB 9  11.07.1994
Australian urban and regional development: the policy challenge [PDF 5772KB] 8  30.06.1994
Russia's foreign relations: recent developments and future prospects [PDF 1425KB]  7  29.06.1994
Reform in Russia: prospects for democratic institutions and a market economy [PDF 1611KB]  6 29.06.1994
Senate power in relation to money bills: an historical perspective [PDF 8208KB] 5 28.06.1994
The Budget 1994/95, macroeconomic policy and national saving [PDF 2647KB] 4 27.06.1994
The United Nations and international security. David Anderson [PDF 2149KB] 3 24.06.1994
Natural gas: an Australian growth industry? [PDF 3741KB] 2 25.03.1994
National competition policy: overview and assessment [PDF 8747KB] 1 21.02.1994
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