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The Parliamentary Handbook provides detailed information about Parliament including the parliamentary service and political careers of Senators and Members, and details of parliamentary committees and elections. A new edition of the Parliamentary Handbook will be published in 2014.

Information about Members of the 44th Parliament

The 43rd Parliament was prorogued and the House of Representatives was dissolved on 5 August 2013. A general election was held on 7 September 2013. Information about Members of the 44th Parliament will be published as seats are declared and biographical details become available.

The 43rd Parliament
Parliamentary Handbook of the Commonwealth of Australia 2011

Full Version  [PDF 3.9MB]

Preliminary pages  

Part 1 - National Symbols [PDF 201KB] [Part 1 and 2 ePub 7.31MB]

Part 2 - The Forty-third Parliament [PDF 2.4KB] [Part 1 and 2 ePub 7.31MB]

Part 3 - Elections [PDF 339KB] [ePub 4.32MB]

Part 4 - The Constitution [PDF 252KB]

Part 5 - Referendums and Plebiscites [PDF 302KB] [ePub 3.90MB]

Part 6 - Historical information on the Australian Parliament [PDF 785KB] [ePub 38.8MB]

The Handbook is available to download as an ebook in individual parts. Information is correct up to and including 1 August 2011, however, some major changes have been incorporated up to 1 April 2012.

Previous Parliaments


Historical biographical information can be found in previous editions of the Parliamentary Handbook, and can be searched through ParlInfo

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