Timeline of domestic action

Timeline of domestic action

Key dates in the Australian govenmental response to climate change are included below. Note that all forward dates are speculative.



Prime Ministerial Task Group on Emissions Trading releases final report.


Final report of National Emissions Trading Task Force released on possible design of a national emissions trading scheme (ETS).

12 December

Australia ratifies Kyoto PrThe Kyoto Protocolotocol.


4 February

Garnaut Climate Change Review interim report released.

11 March

Kyoto Protocol comes into effect for Australia.

20 March

Garnaut Climate Change Review Emissions Trading Discussion Paper released.

4 July

Garnaut Climate Change Review Draft Final Report released.

16 July

Government Green Paper on Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) released.

31 July

Wilkins Review, Strategic Review of Australian Government Climate Change Programs, delivered to the Commonwealth.

30 September

Final report of Garnaut Climate Change Review delivered to Australian governments.

30 October

Treasury modelling of the CPRS released in Australia's low pollution future: the economics of climate change mitigation.

15 December

Release of Government White Paper on the CPRS.


19 March

Joint Standing Committee on Treaties publishes Report 100 on the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

16 April

Senate Standing Committee on Economics publishes its report into the Exposure Draft of the CPRS legislation.

4 May

Government announces new targets and measures, plus a new start date for the proposed CPRS.

7 May

Senate Select Committee on Fuel and Energy publishes its interim report The CPRS: Economic cost without environmental benefit

12 May

Government publishes response to the recommendations of the Wilkins review.

14 May

Introduction of Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme legislation into Parliament.

15 June

Senate Standing Committee on Economics publishes its final report on its inquiry into the CPRS legislation.

Senate Select Committee on Climate Change also publishes its report.

10 August

Coalition and Senator Xenophon release Frontier Economics modelling of the CPRS.

13 August

Senate votes against CPRS legislation.

22 October

Government reintroduces Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme legislation into Parliament.

24 November

Government reaches an agreement with the Coalition over amendments to the CPRS legislation.

2 December

CPRS Bills voted down in the Senate for a second time, creating a trigger for a double dissolution election.

2 February

CPRS Bills introduced into the House of Representatives.

19 February

Government releases Adapting to Climate Change - a position paper.


1 July

Proposed CPRS scheduled to commence.


First scheduled public strategic review of CPRS by independent expert committee.



Australian Government Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Green Paper, box 13.7, pp. 454–55 and Parliamentary Library.

22 October 2010
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