Party policies

Party policies


The Australian Labor Party is committed to investing in clean energy , promoting energy efficiency and the introduction of an explicit price on carbon.  The Prime Minister has established a Multi Party Climate Change Committee to explore options for the introduction of a carbon price.  In government the ALP has developed a three pillar strategy to address climate change:

  • mitigation – to reduce Australia’s green house gas emissions
  • adaptation – to adapt to the climate change we cannot avoid
  • global solution – to help shape a collective international response

A number of programmes and initiatives have been designed to help deliver on this strategy:

The ALP has announced its intention to pursue the delivery of the following policy initiatives:

  • Cleaner car rebate
  • Tax breaks for green buildings
  • Cleaner power stations
  • Connecting renewables

    Policy documents


    Under the leadership of Tony Abbott, the Coalition proposes ‘direct action’ on climate change, largely through an Emissions Reduction Fund.  The Coalition’s Direct Action Plan details the various programs and initiatives that the Emissions Reduction Fund would drive, including:

    • Biosequestration of carbon in soils
    • Forestry measures
    • Waste coal mine gas capture
    • Green buildings and energy efficiency
    • 1 Million roofs solar energy rebate
    • Green house friendly program

    Climate Change Direct Action Press Release - 2 Feb 2010


    The Australian Greens' climate change policies support the establishment of a binding national emissions target, a 40 per cent reduction of 1990 level emissions by 2020 and the introduction of renewable energy targets.

    Policy documents


    Family First's policies call for a Commission of Inquiry into the science around Climate Change, an emissions trading scheme structured to compensate families, increased investment in low emissions technologies, higher energy efficiency standards, investments in renewable energy and public transport.

    Policy documents


    Senator Xenophon supports the introduction of a properly designed emissions trading scheme, and a renewed focus on both renewable energy and energy efficiency.

    Policy documents

    INDEPENDENT—MR TONY WINDSOR MP is a member of the Multi Party Climate Change Committee. Windsor 2nd reading speech CPRS legislation - Hansard 10/02/2010

    INDEPENDENT—MR ROB OAKESHOTT MP is a member of the Multi Party Climate Change Committee.Oakeshott 2nd reading speech CPRS legislation - Hansard 9/02/2010 Press Release 02/02/2010 - Energy Security

    INDEPENDENT—MR ANDREW WILKIE MP believes Australia has environmental and social obligations to address climate change and supports a price on carbon pollution.

    22 October 2010
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