Australian Government spending

Part 1: Historical trends from 2002–03 to 2012–13

Report no. 02/2013

Parliamentary Budget Office

December 2013

© Commonwealth of Australia 2013
ISBN 978-0-9874429-5-6 (Print)
ISBN 9780-874429-6-3 (Online)

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Foreword PDF icon (78 KB)
Summary PDF icon (82 KB)
1 Total government spending PDF icon (288 KB)
2 Social security and welfare PDF icon (255 KB)
3 Other purposes expenses PDF icon (214 KB)
4 Health expenses PDF icon (226 KB)
5 Education expenses PDF icon (233 KB)
6 General public services expenses PDF icon (236 KB)
7 Defence and public order and safety expenses PDF icon (218 KB)
8 Industry and economic affairs expenses PDF icon (266 KB)
9 Community amenities and infrastructure expenses PDF icon (207 KB)
10 Net capital investment PDF icon (139 KB)
11 States and Territories PDF icon (229 KB)
Lists of data sources and resources PDF icon (122 KB)
Lists of figures and tables PDF icon (82 KB)
A Technical notes  PDF icon (113 KB)
B Variations to expenses  PDF icon (132 KB)
C Fiscal stimulus spending PDF icon (114 KB)
D Expenses by sub-functions tables PDF icon (367 KB)

Data: Expenses and net capital investment by function 2002–03 to 2012–13

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