Annual work plans

The central tasks of the five offices which comprise the Senate department are:

Clerk’s Office – provides procedural and constitutional advice in relation to the proceedings of the Senate and its committees; strategic direction for the department; central co-ordination of the department's information resources; secretariat support for the Procedure Committee, the Committee of Privileges and the Committee of Senators' Interests; and maintains the Register of Senators' Interests.

Table Office – provides programming and procedural support to the Senate; processes legislation and documents, and archives records of the Senate; produces agenda and records of Senate business and proceedings; provides document distribution and inquiries services; and provides secretariat support to several domestic committees.

Procedure Office – provides advisory and drafting services to non-government senators, secretariat support for the legislative scrutiny committees and policy support for inter-parliamentary relations; conducts parliamentary research; and promotes community awareness and knowledge of the Senate and the parliament through the Parliamentary Education Office and a seminar program.

Committee Office – provides secretariat support for most Senate committees and certain joint committees and facilitates the public’s awareness of and involvement in the work of committees.

Black Rod’s Office – provides to senators and departmental staff office, chamber and committee room support; information technology and ceremonial services; security advice; corporate services; and administration of certain entitlements.

The workplans are updated annually (and published internally).