Appendix 24

Fifth Edition

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Appendix 24 Committees of the House of Representatives and Joint Committees

Year Committee

1901–1902 Decimal System of Coinage (House Select)
1901–1903 Elections and Qualifications (Standing)
1902–1902 Bonuses for Manufactures Bill (House Select)
1904–1904 Electoral Act Administration (House Select)
1904–1904 Old-age Pensions (House Select)
1905–1905 Shipping Service between the Commonwealth and the United Kingdom
(House Select)
1908–1908 Procedure in Cases of Privilege (Joint Select)
1908–1908 Stripper Harvesters and Drills (House Select)
1910–1911 Tasmanian Customs ‘Leakage’ (House Select)
1913–1913 Powellised and other Timber for the Port Augusta to Kalgoorlie Railway
(House Select)
1913–1931 Public Accounts (Joint Statutory)
1913–1931 Public Works (Joint Statutory)
1914–1914 Irregular Conduct and Interference (House Select)
1920–1920 Sea Carriage (House Select)
1921–1921 Wireless Communication (Joint Select)
1923–1923 Compensation for Ex-Gunner Yates (House Select)
1923–1924 Navigation Act—Effect on Trade (House Select)
1926–1927 Electoral Act (Joint Select)
1927–1928 The Moving Picture Industry in Australia (Joint Select)
1929–1930 Tobacco-growing Industry in Australia (House Select)
1932–1932 Public Accounts (Joint Select)
1937– Public Works (Joint Statutory)
1941–1942 Broadcasting (Joint Select)
1941–1942 Profits (Joint Standing)
1941–1942 Rural Industries (Joint Standing)
1941–1946 War Expenditure (Joint Standing)
1941–1946 Social Security (Joint Standing)
1942–1949 Broadcasting (Joint Statutory)
1944–1944 Income Tax on Current Income (Joint Standing)
1946– Broadcasting of Parliamentary Proceedings (Joint Statutory)
1952–1972 Foreign Affairs (Joint Standing)
1952–1997 Public Accounts (Joint Statutory)
1954–1954 Hansard (House Select)
1956–1959 Constitutional Review (Joint Standing)
1957–1987 Australian Capital Territory (Joint Standing)
1961–1961 Voting Rights of Aborigines (House Select)
1962–1966 Parliamentary and Government Publications (Joint Standing)
1963–1963 Grievances of Yirrkala Aborigines, Arnhem Land Reserve (House Select)
1963–1963 House of Representatives Accommodation (House Select)
1965–1972 New and Permanent Parliament House (Joint Standing)
1968–1969 Naming of Electoral Divisions (House Select)
1968–1972 Aircraft Noise (House Select)
1970–1970 New and Permanent Parliament House (Joint Select)
1970–1970 Wildlife Conservation (House Select)
1970–1972 Defence Forces Retirement Benefits Legislation (Joint Select)
1970–1972 Pharmaceutical Benefits (House Select)
1972–1973 Road Safety (House Select)
1973–1975 Northern Territory (Joint Select)
1973–1975 Prices (Joint Standing)
1973–1976 Parliamentary Committee System (Joint Select)
1973–1987 Environment and Conservation (Standing)
1973–1987 Foreign Affairs and Defence (Joint Standing)
1973–1992 Aboriginal Affairs (Standing)
1974–1975 Pecuniary Interests of Members of Parliament (Joint Select)
1974–1976 Specific Learning Difficulties (House Select)
1974–1984 Road Safety (Standing)
1976–1977 Aboriginal Lands Rights in the Northern Territory (Joint Select)
1976–1978 Tourism (House Select)
1976–1987 Expenditure (Standing)
1978–1980 Family Law Act (Joint Select)
1977–1980 New and Permanent Parliament House (Joint Standing)
1981–1989 New Parliament House (Joint Standing)
1982–1984 Parliamentary Privilege (Joint Select)
1983–1987 Electoral Reform (Joint Select)
1984–2002 National Crime Authority (Joint Statutory)
1985–1985 Aboriginal Education (House Select)
1985–1985 Aircraft Noise (House Select)
1985–1986 Australia Card (Joint Select)
1985–1987 Transport Safety (Standing)
1985–1988 Video Material (Joint Select)
1985–1993 Migration Regulations (Joint Standing)
1986–1986 Telecommunications Interception (Joint Select)
1987–1992 Finance and Public Administration (Standing)
1987–1996 Community Affairs (Standing)
1987–1996 Transport, Communications and Infrastructure (Standing)
1987–1998 Employment, Education and Training (Standing)
1987–1998 Environment, Recreation and the Arts (Standing)
1987–1998 Industry, Science and Technology (Standing)
1987–2010 Legal and Constitutional Affairs (Standing)
1987– Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade (Joint Standing)
1987– Electoral Matters (Joint Standing)
1988–1989 Corporations Legislation (Joint Select)
1988–2001 Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (Joint Statutory)
1989–1989 Tenure of Appointees to Commonwealth Tribunals (Joint Select)
1989–1992 Australian Capital Territory (Joint Standing)
1990–1993 Parliamentary Zone (Joint Standing)
1990–1996 Long Term Strategies (Standing)
1991–1991 Televising of the House of Representatives (House Select)
1991–1992 Print Media (House Select)
1991–1993 Certain Aspects of the Operation and Interpretation of the Family Law Act
(Joint Select)
1991–2001 Corporations and Securities (Joint Statutory)
1992–1993 National Capital (Joint Standing)
1992–1996 Banking, Finance and Public Administration (Standing)
1992– Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs (Standing)
1993–1995 Certain Family Law Issues (Joint Select)
1993– Migration (Joint Standing)
1993– National Capital and External Territories (Joint Standing)
1994–2005 Native Title and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land Fund
(Joint Statutory)
1996–1998 Communications, Transport and Microeconomic Reform (Standing)
1996–1998 Financial Institutions and Public Administration (Standing)
1996–1998 Primary Industries, Resources and Rural and Regional Affairs (Standing)
1996–2004 Family and Community Affairs (Standing)
1996– Treaties (Joint Standing)
1998–1999 Retailing Sector (Joint Select)
1998–2001 Communications, Transport and the Arts (Standing)
1998–2001 Primary Industries and Regional Services (Standing)
1998–2001 Employment, Education and Workplace Relations (Standing)
1998–2001 Industry, Science and Resources (Standing)
1998–2007 Economics, Finance and Public Administration (Standing)
1998–2007 Environment and Heritage (Standing)
1998– Public Accounts and Audit (Joint Statutory)
1999–1999 Republic Referendum (Joint Select)
2001–2001 Intelligence Services (Joint Select)
2002–2004 Ageing (Standing)
2002–2004 Education and Training (Standing)
2002–2004 Employment and Workplace Relations (Standing)
2002–2005 ASIO, ASIS and DSD (Joint Statutory)
2002–2007 Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (Standing)
2002–2007 Communications, Information Technology and the Arts (Standing)
2002–2007 Industry and Resources (Standing)
2002–2007 Science and Innovation (Standing)
2002–2007 Transport and Regional Services (Standing)
2002– Corporations and Financial Services (Joint Statutory)
2003–2003 Recent Australian Bushfires (House Select)
2003–2010 Australian Crime Commission (Joint Statutory)
2004–2007 Education and Vocational Training (Standing)
2004–2007 Employment, Workplace Relations and Workforce Participation (Standing)
2004–2007 Family and Human Services (Standing)
2004– Health and Ageing (Standing)
2005–2006 Native Title and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land Account
(Joint Standing)
2005– Intelligence and Security (Joint Statutory)
2005– Parliamentary Library (Joint Standing)
2007– Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (Joint Statutory)
2008–2010 Climate Change, Water, Environment and the Arts (Standing)
2008–2010 Communications (Standing)
2008–2010 Education and Training (Standing)
2008–2010 Employment and Workplace Relations (Standing)
2008–2010 Family, Community, Housing and Youth (Standing)
2008–2010 Industry, Science and Innovation (Standing)
2008–2010 Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government (Standing)
2008–2010 Primary Industries and Resources (Standing)
2008– Cyber-Safety (Joint Select)
2008– Economics (Standing)
2010– Agriculture, Resources, Fisheries and Forestry (Standing)
2010– Climate Change, Environment and the Arts (Standing)
2010– Education and Employment (Standing)
2010– Gambling Reform (Joint Select)
2010– Infrastructure and Communications (Standing)
2010– Law Enforcement (Joint Statutory)
2010– Parliamentary Budget Office (Joint Select)
2010– Regional Australia (Standing)
2010– Social Policy and Legal Affairs (Standing)
2011– Christmas Island Tragedy (Joint Select)
2011– National Broadband Network (Joint Standing)

The list does not include domestic committees appointed pursuant to standing or sessional orders.
The year of commencement is the year the committee was appointed or, in the case of committees with the same name appointed in successive Parliaments, first appointed. For the purposes of this listing a name change is treated as a separate committee.
Committees shown in italics and bold are committees of the 43rd Parliament.
Updates in red

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