New MPs at the House

Dozens of newly-elected MPs are busy learning about the life of a federal member as part of a two-day seminar at Parliament House.

This year’s federal election saw 41 new MPs gain places in the 150-seat House of Representatives.

The seminar aims to introduce MPs to the variety of procedural and administrative aspects of their new jobs before the opening of the 44th Parliament later this year. 

Two of the new MPs, Mal Brough and Jason Wood, were previous members in the 41st and 42nd Parliaments.

Three former senators in the last parliament, Barnaby Joyce, Matt Thistlethwaite and David Feeney, also won seats in the House.

Speaker Anna Burke addressed the group at the seminar ahead of the opening of the 44th Parliament later this year when the new MPs will officially be sworn in.

The opening day of the 44th Parliament will involve traditional and ceremonial aspects of parliamentary custom and practice.

Some of the features of opening day include: an Indigenous welcome ceremony; swearing in of all Members; the election of the Speaker; presentation of the Speaker to the Governor-General; the Governor-General’s opening speech; and a 19-gun artillery salute.