About the House Magazine – Issue 46

Issue 46 – December 2012

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Cover Story: A slow poison

Behind the alarming statistics on workplace bullying are personal stories of grief and hardship, revealed during a parliamentary inquiry. 
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More features from this issue

Price byte

Price byte

A House of Representatives committee is trying to find out why Australian consumers have to pay more for their IT and what can be done about it.

War without end

War without end thumbnail

A parliamentary committee has been warned that an increasing number of Australian Defence Force personnel are returning from overseas conflicts to find their next battle begins at home.

Back from the brink

Back from the brink thumbnail

The road back from the disastrous summer of 2011 has been long and hard. As the rebuild continues, federal MPs want to recognise the remarkable efforts made by their communities, but also ensure the lessons learnt are not forgotten.

Pacific pearl

Pafic pearl

Fifty years after becoming independent, Samoa has become an important bastion of parliamentary democracy in the Pacific. Australia is playing its part in supporting the Samoan Legislative Assembly’s ongoing development.

Supply chains

Supply chain thumbnail

The underbelly of the global economy is being exposed as part of a new parliamentary inquiry.

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