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Issue 48 – August 2014

Wasted Lives  thumbnail image

Cover Story: Wasted Lives

Alcohol abuse is leaving too many communities drowning in despair, as a parliamentary committee seeks solutions

More features from this issue

Overdue north

Overdue North thumbnail image

After decades of trying, efforts to realise the true potential of Northern Australia are gaining renewed momentum.

Our fatal attraction

Fatal Attraction  thumbnail image

More can be done to prevent one of Australia’s biggest killers.

Opportunity knocks for new MPs

Opportunity Knocks thumbnail image

Three new MPs elected to the 44th Parliament talk about the chance they now have to deal with the issues that
matter to their communities.

Eyes in the sky

Eyes in the Sky thumbnail image

New technologies present new challenges for law makers.

Geared to work

TAFE  thumbnail image

Debate grows on whether the technical and further education system is adequately skilling Australia.

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