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Frequently Asked Questions

Graduate Program 2012

1. How long has the graduate program been running?

The Parliament of Australia Graduate Program (the Program) was established by the Department of the House of Representatives in 2004.  From 2009 to 2012 the Department of the Senate also participated in the program.

2. Do I need to be taking part in an Australian Government graduate program to be eligible?

Yes.  The purpose of the Program is to provide graduates working in other Australian Public Service departments and agencies with exposure to how their home department or agency interacts with the Department of the House of Representatives in its support of the Parliament.

3. Do I need to get permission before applying from my department or agency?

Yes.  You will need to get the endorsement of your department or agency before you submit an application.  Applications which do not have the home departments' or agencies' endorsements will not be further considered.

4. When do applications open and close?

For information on application dates please visit the Department of the House of Representatives webpage at:

5. How many graduates are you taking?

The Department of the Senate will not be participating in the 2013 Parliament of Australia Graduate Program.

6. When does the program commence?

The dates of each placement are negotiated with the successful graduate's home department or agency.  Placements can occur at any time throughout the year, however, operational requirements will be considered when agreeing to commencement dates.

7. What happens if an election is called during a placement?

If the placement has not yet commenced, the Department of the House of Representatives may negotiate with your home department or agency a different placement commencement date.  If the placement has commenced, it may be necessary to provide a variety of other relevant tasks to complete.

8. What will my salary be?

Your salary continues to be administered by your home department or agency so it will not change.  At the completion of the placement your salary, including associated costs will be reimbursed by the participating department upon receipt of a tax invoice from your home department or agency.

9. What is the duration of the program?

Placements are for approximately three months.

10. Who can I contact for further information?

Tracy Weston
Assistant Director, People Strategies
Department of the House of Representatives
Telephone: (02) 6277 4146

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